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FREE Audiobook 🎧 Resurrection ⚡ Episodic Twisted Thriller Saga

"A chilling episodic thriller saga with delicious dialogue and a plot that creeps and crawls!”

Resurrection continues Syd West’s HOME Twisted Thriller Saga… Chadwick and two other survivors of Saw Creek venture back to Brooklyn, unprepared for the state of civilization upon their return. Will Chad carry on the legacy of The Disruption? He may not have a choice.


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On RadioPublic https://radiopublic.com/pulpboom-bingeworthy-books-GOpaX7 Resurrection (Hunter/Beck Book 1) includes the ninth episode of the HOME twisted thriller saga by Syd West, published in two standalone bundles: Disruption - Syd West's HOME Twisted Thriller Saga Begins (Chadwick-Juni Books 1-8) Resurrection - Syd West's HOME Twisted Thriller Saga Continues (Hunter/Beck Books 9-16) Published by PulpBoom - Books, to-go. Follow @SydWestAuthor for alerts, and subscribe to her newsletter for release news.


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