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Blaze - Book 1 of The Last American Circus Duet from @CoopkirbyAuthor

"On fire in practically every sense of the word." - Author Melanie A. Smith

From author Coop Kirby comes the first two chapters of BLAZE, a young adult romance about first love, family, prejudice, and the consequences of playing with fire, that will spark magic in the hearts of #teenreaders.

Sixteen-year-old Blaze would like nothing more than to run away from the circus - the only home she has ever known.

The ringmaster of the Wild Big Top traveling troupe is determined to prevent his adopted daughter from making the same mistake that tragically ended her mother's life. Blaze wants to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a flow artist, believing she's inherited a mystical gift to dance with flame.

When she meets Ford, hometown basketball hero, for the first time Blaze sees a chance to live a normal life like any other teen. With the help of her best friend, Poet, Blaze embraces her feelings for Ford and her powerful connection to her mother's legacy.

Ford is the only one who soothes her soul-but their love is tested when bullying by his teammate endangers both Blaze and the Wild Big Top. The consequences challenge Blaze to reach beyond her doubts and become a force of nature.

BLAZE is the first standalone #youngadultromance in #TheLastAmericanCircusDuet, the complete book is out now, wherever ebooks are sold. POET, a serial set in the magical world of the Wild Big Top, is EXCLUSIVE on Wattpad. WEAVER, a standalone origin story, is FREE on Wattpad and wherever ebooks are sold.


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