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For fans of #YOU and #GONEGIRL...⁣

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"A chilling #episodic #thriller saga with delicious dialogue and a plot that creeps and crawls!”⁣


Disruption, the beginning of the #Home #TwistedThriller Saga, will get under your skin. In her terrifying take on three generations of women who disrupt one small town, author Syd West delivers a saga for the current American moment - fragile like a bomb. ⁣

​​​​​​​Chadwick has the world at his fingertips. An elite editor in Manhattan's publishing world. A hot and heavy newlywed in a plural marriage. The fortunate son of a mystical matriarch. When Chad heads home to bury his estranged mother Hazel, he plans to confront his toxic ex, Juni, for what he vows to his husband and wife will be the final time.⁣


But Saw Creek, Oregon, is far from the idyllic logging community Chad remembers as a kid. For starters, why the hell has the town cemetery been converted into a communal farm? Are the strange women orchestrating Hazel's funeral really the school crossing guard and lunch lady? And since when does Juni brew the tastiest beer west of the Willamette?⁣


If only Chad spent less time worrying about how to lure an Uber to Saw Creek in time to make the red-eye flight back to New York, and paid more attention to Juni's uncanny cheshire-cat grin...⁣


Perfect for readers of absolutely gripping suspense, edge-of-your-seat thriller, and break-neck mystery from #ZojeStage, #CarolineKepnes, #JoshMalerman, #LisaJewell, #GillyMacmillan, #JeffStrand, #JeremyBates, #ErnieLindsay, and #JeffMenapace.⁣

​​​​​​​Disruption - The Twisted Thriller Saga Begins (Chadwick-Juni Books 1-8) includes the first eight episodes of the Home twisted thriller saga by Syd West, in this recommended reading order:⁣

​​​​​​​Hide and Seek (#1)⁣

​​​​​​​How to be Invisible (#2)⁣

​​​​​​​Possess Your Heart (#3)⁣

​​​​​​​I Don't Like Mondays (#4) ​​​​​​​⁣

​​​​​​​6 Underground (#5)⁣

​​​​​​​Common Disaster (#6)⁣

​​​​​​​Running Up That Hill (#7)⁣

​​​​​​​Visions of Gideon (#8)⁣


Home is an episodic thriller saga by Syd West, published in two standalone bundles:⁣

​​​​​​​Disruption - The Home Twisted Thriller Saga Begins (Chadwick-Juni Books 1-8)⁣

​​​​​​​Resurrection - The Home Twisted Thriller Saga Continues (Hunter/Beck Books 9-16)⁣

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