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"Short, sexy, exquisitely written and heart-wrenchingly raw!" - #JuliaDeBarrioz, author of the #DakotadelToro series⁣⁣


From #SydWest, creator of #DirtyClassics, comes a naughty novella set in sultry #Spain, inspired by #KateChopin’s #literary #masterwork about a reckless quest for love that shatters every #taboo.⁣⁣



I’ve got all the problems my privilege affords.⁣⁣

A jackass entrepreneur for a husband.⁣⁣

A set of darling sons to dote on.⁣⁣

A prize professional pedigree.⁣⁣

A perfectly manicured and accessorized life… that I hate.⁣⁣


One Spanish summer changes everything...⁣⁣



Mallorcan local known for servicing American housewives.⁣⁣

His bad to mistake our vacay hook-up for more than a good time. ⁣⁣

Like tapas, Rafe’s an excellent starter - but I’m craving a whole damn meal.⁣⁣



With a body banging like a drum, Rafe’s sister beckons every beast with a pulse.⁣⁣

She smells of a wild abandon I wish I knew.⁣⁣

I keep Pilar dancing at the top of my playlist, on repeat.⁣⁣



Barcelona’s most notorious bachelor. Built like a raging bull.⁣⁣

He’s got zero clue in his platinum mop top that I am nobody’s trophy.⁣⁣

I’ll remind him - right after I screw him senseless in the Picasso museum.⁣⁣



Every inch the woman I’ll never be.⁣⁣

Selfless. Stupid. Always so, so sorry.⁣⁣

Is she my cautionary tale, or am I hers?⁣⁣


Lux Problems is a contemporary erotic retelling of Kate Chopin's literary classic, The Awakening, and can be read as a standalone novella in the Dirty Classics collection by Syd West, published by PulpBoom - #StorySnacks & #Bingeworthy #Audiobooks. Books, to-go. Readers 18+.⁣⁣


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