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FREE EBOOK! From author Coop Kirby comes WEAVER, a young adult short story from the magical world of the Wild Big Top, about chosen families, gender identity, and finding your superpower, that will spark magic in the hearts of teen readers. Thirteen-year-old J would like nothing more than to runaway and join the circus - if they could find one that still exists. Only the Wild Big Top troupe still roams free-range through America’s heartland, geotagging veins of Midwestern railroad track. With J’s parents no longer in the picture, they flee Manhattan to meet four teen circus performers they don’t know, but swear they recognize: Poet. She’s got miles of insane ink, covering her curves for days. Blaze. A flow artist, who literally makes J want to play with fire. Ford. The big cat tamer, small-town jock with the hugest of hearts. Brick. Lifter of heavy things. Wears the hell out of a tank top. J may not believe they possess any circus skills whatsoever, but when their world collides with dude bros in danger, will Weaver rise to save the day? Weaver is a companion, standalone young adult short story to The Last American Circus - an interlude between Blaze and Poet, the first and second books set in the magical world of the Wild Big Top, releasing Winter and Spring 2020.

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Dear Reader, The magical world of the Wild Big Top is my favorite sandbox to play in. The Last American Circus is my offering to young adult audiences who don’t find their heroes inside comic books, for teens who know a diverse identity is their superpower. I appreciate my readers more than you know, and humbly request the favor of a rating/review! Ever yours, Coop Kirby

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